Monday 31 October 2022

Very briefly, if all goes well (why should it?) Phonic FM will be on the Small Scale DAB+multiplex from next week. It's been a long jouney. There have been complications and delays galore. Having won the licence the Company were then forced to revise the original plans, whihc would have used two transmitters, because concerns were expressed about the siting of aerials and transmitters. We're going to end up with three, which has increased the amount of coverage, but increased the expense.

 We've also been amazed at the poor coverage of good quality internet provision in and around Exeter. Once you get out of the City centre the coverage is, in places barely 3G (which is supposed to be phased out soon), and as we discovered, getting fibre optic cable to sites is not as easy as it sounds. Devon County Council require three months notice of any potential road closures, or other works which require potential traffic lights or closure. The getting the service providers to adhere to any proposed plan, is not a given.

 The sites we've used have been helpful in not objecting overmuch to constantly changing deadlines, though having to ensure enhanced enclosure for anybody working on the sites has at times mean a huge juggling of available personnel.All that is needed now is to tweak the system, get Ofcom, our regulator arond all the three sites (somehow they seem to equate Devon with the size of London Boroughs, and dscover that without a tube system to get around, Cranbrook is at least a 25 minute drive from any of the other sites -especially with road closures as a hazard).

Oh yeah! The DAB+ is important. You need to note the plus sign, if you're hoping to tune in and retune your radio in the area. Fuller details to follow, as the start will be a 'soft launch' without much publicity. That will come later when all the gremlins have been sorted out. What could possibly go wrong - hopefully, not much.