Monday 25 August 2014

The leaves of brown....

At the time of writing it's an autumnal feeling August, so it's time to look forward to September.

Johanna Graham Quartet:

The band are coming to the Sound Gallery Studios on September 13th for an eight hour recording session. They're currently garnering material for their second album. They've had a busy summer and have gradually added new material to the set - including a rather fine version of "Sweet Child of Mine" from which just the lyrics survive. Martin Bowie and Johanna have also been writing some self-penned stuff and it'll be interesting to see how much we get done that day. I'd also expect a few guest muso's to drop by, as it coincides with Exeter's Acoustica Festival. Phonic FM are really pleased to be helping with their project, and hope to announce a few more recording session during the next couple of months.

Nigel Price Organ trio:

Not a trio on this outing. We had hoped to put them on at the Phoenix in Exeter but due to imminent building work it didn't prove possible. As a result they're booked at the Barrel House in Totnes on 22nd September with the quartet being completed by saxophonist Vasilis Xenopoulas. They're promoting their new album which you ought to try and hear ahead of the gig. Hopefully sometime in the next 12 months we will get them into the Phoenix. In the meantime I'll be arranging an interview on "The Edge of Jazz"

Blue Vanguard Jazz Club:

Exeter's excellent once-a -month club at the Gypsy Hill Hotel continues throughout the autumn. For up to date details best check the website at On a personal level I'm really looking forward to their November gig with Henry Lowther one of the first British jazzers I ever saw live (and I even saw him in the brief time he was with Manfred Mann!) The resident trio provide a solid base for all the guests as they are luminaries in their own right.
If you want to blow then I can recommend The Bridge Jazz Club which meets the first Wednesday of every month at the Exeter Phoenix. If you take your instrument you get in cheaper.

More details of Jazz gigs in the next blog - including a date for the Anglo-German Partisan Jazz in Teignmouth in November.

Thursday 7 August 2014



Shortly after completing the Top 10 "so far" I got a copy of the Guti album. It's strikingly different to the sampler that predicated the review. Only four (of 6) tracks made it onto the album and a couple of those sound as thought they've either been re-recorded or had instrumentation added to them.. The version of "Used to be like this" that's on the album has some added, manic, trumpet playing, but overall the tracks follow the kind of ambient jazz drift of the sampler, but mostly with fuller instrumentation with added percussion, organ and synthesiser. However, despite the changes it still makes the Top 10 so far, and it'll be interesting to see if it stays that way in the end of year survey.