Wednesday, 1 October 2014

  With the extension of summer into October it's not yet time to abandon the theme of 'mid summer thoughts', but it is time to look forward to what the whole month will have to offer. Firstly there's the much anticipated arrival of a new album from:

Marcin Wasilewski:

Having appeared earlier in the year on the excellent Jacob Young album (see my embryonic Top 10 of the year) the arrival of "Spark of life" around 13th October is eagerly anticipated (by me!). This time the trio will be joined by saxophonist Joakim Milder with a set of tunes that includes a Herbie Hancock tune, A Police tune and an arrangement of some Polish classical music. If any of the tracks are anywhere near as good as "Night Train to you" from the "Faithful" album, it'll be on my turntable on heavy rotation.

Sarah Moule:

The singer and her band visit "The Beehive Arts Centre" at Honiton on 18th October. She's bringing the majority of the band that appears on her excellent album " Songs from the floating world" and I'll be talking to her on "The Edge of Jazz" on 14th October at around 15:00 to find out a bit more ablout the album , her career and the Honiton gig. The Beehive, by the way, have a website at and to catch up on with Sarah on twitter you can find here at @Sarahmoule1


Oh dear! The possibility of mistaken identity here I think. They are not to be confused with a heavy metal band of the same name from Minehead, nor the Gloucestershire based traditional jazz band. They are an Anglo German band of jazzers who are going to be out on the road promoting their new album in Teignmouth on 2nd November. More details in a later October blog (probably once the weather has deteriorated!).

Regular Local gigs:

Well worth remembering that there are three Exeter based events every month. The very long running Blue Vanguard club meets monthly at the Gypsy Hill Hotel and you can find details at There's also a jam session every first Wednesday of the month at the Phoenix in Exeter, which is also an opportunity to blow (it's cheaper if you do!) and Roz Harding is organising a monthly event at the Barnfield Theatre and there'll be more details of that in the next blog.
If you've got any questions or want to eradicate mistakes, please feel free to contact me at


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